Diana Radabaugh

Dr. Lester Sumrall
February 15, 1913 – April 28, 1996
Diana Radabaugh was ordained by Dr. Lester Sumrall in 1986 and ministered at Cathedral of Praise in South Bend, Indiana, as a prayer counselor and altar worker.

She has been associated with the Happy Hunters (Charles and Frances Hunter) since 1987.

Diana has made over forty trips overseas helping Charles and Frances often in their massive crusades and worked with the Hunters overseeing Prayer Teams and working as Head Coordinator in many of the cities both National and International where the Hunters held Crusades. She also taught over a hundred classes, How To Heal The Sick throughout Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

Diana’s own Ministry is called, Because He Lives Ministries. The International office is located in Elkhart Indiana, for thirteen years she hosted and broadcast over Public Television, “Miracles.” A one hour weekly program. A seven year format of interviews also special musical guest. And six years the program was televised at the Churches Friday night meetings called A Night of Miracles.

In 2001 The Lord spoke to Diana, telling her that He was commissioning her to take “The Anointing For The Glory” where He spoke for her to go. This is a powerful, explosive encounter with the Presence of The Lord so strong those present often seem to be in a trancelike place, embraced by The Presence of The Lord. Being in the Glory Realm brings the answer to many needs – Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional. Diana has been called to take this Anointing to the Nations, and has Ministered this Anointing to peoples in Ecuador, Africa, Venezuela, Peru, and Argentina.

Diana is a powerful Missionary and has conducted her own Crusades thought out the Nations with tremendous Signs, Wonders and Miracles. Her passion is Jesus Christ, to pursue Him in all His Glory. And to bring Honor and Praise to The only true Living God Jehovah God thought the Power of The Great Holy Spirit.

Many have called God their Father, and Jesus their Savior and The Holy Spirit their comforter through Diana’s Ministry. She is sought after as a Minister because The Presence and The Power of The Glory appears in her meetings.

Diana Radabaugh was borne and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she had a glorious supernatural experience as an infant in which she traveled with her Angel Many times back and forth from Earth to Heaven. The Lord caused her to remember this experience in order to give her strength and courage for her childhood. She would need this strength because her earthly father was an abusive alcoholic.

Two years before he died, Diana led him to the Saving Grace of Jesus, baptized him in water and prayed with him to receive The Baptism of The Holy Spirit. Which he humbly and gratefully received with the evident of speaking with other tongues. They were good friends until he went Home to be with The Lord. When Diana was a child however her home life was so unhappy and full of turmoil that at the age of sixteen she fled into an early marriage with Jerry Radabaugh, with whom she had three children.

Not surprisingly, after twelve years the marriage ended in February 1973. However in the same year in December Jerry and Diana were cohorts into going to the same Crusade through friends and family where they both received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Their marriage was reunited, They have been married fifty years in June 2011.

They have Three Children and seven Grandchildren all loving and serving The Lord.