Haiti: April – 2010

Jesus Healed this women, the Earthquake crushed her arm.
The beautiful site of Children at the Healing Crusades.

Angels at the Dynamitic Healing 4 Haiti.
At the Children’s Orphanage so many said, “I am thirsty”.

1.1 Million hungry hurting people were ministered to for God’s Glory.
This was someone’s home.

Beloved Lovers of Jesus:

Blind eyes were opened, deaf ears could hear… Just like He said.
There are no words to express what we experienced. The sights, the sounds, the smells. Never have I seen such sorrow, and yet such hope. The people are tender and gentle,loving and kind. You see in their eyes deep pain, yet quickly a broad smile will appear as you smile at them. They so love The Lord Jesus and accept prayer. Many healing’s, healing’s, and more healing’s. Barely would we start the prayer and the healing’s were there. “Game On!” The Lord said and He met and kept every word.

The people were so excited. We ministered to 1.1 million, beautiful people. The stories are so astounding. The team went to the hospital to pray for people. I saw a young women standing and waiting to enter the hospital. She was about twenty-two years old. She was not even thinking about the fact that they spoke French Creole, and amazingly she spoke perfect English. I asked her where she was when the Earthquake struck she said she was in bed with her cousin taking a nap when the Earthquake came. It split the wall open beside the bed and she watched when the wall next to the bed fell away, while her cousin rolled into the crevice of the quake and the floor above them fell into the crevice taking her cousin with great devastation. I was quickly inspired by her story, and grabbed her by the shoulders and exclaimed, “Oh now you can live your life for you and her!” She said, “Oh yes, I know! That is exactly what I am planning on doing!”

I held her close as I prayed and we cryed out of sorrow, out of joy, and thanksgiving for the Promises of our Lord and our God. He also promises that there will be a day when she will see her cousin and hold her in her arms again…

Because He Lives!

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