Dear Ones of The Lord

My Family, Brothers and Sisters:

The Lord, God has called us as His children to take the Light of The World, The Breath of Life and Hope Jesus, to the whole world, even our neighbors and those in the Next County and state.

As you know The Lord has called me to the Nations. Nearly each month for the last year and a half I have gone to the nations. I have many that I will go to for the next year. Each place I go the Pastors and leaders ask when I can come back to minister to the people. Many lives are changed, rearranged. Because The Rain of His Glory Rains down wherever He calls me.

In the light of the challenge, I am asking for your help. It would greatly be appreciated if you would please consider supporting me in the following ways in this up coming year. I would so consider your prayers as rays of eternal lights that reaches The Throne of Grace for those that I will impact on the mission trips that God would provide the Wisdom and Courage not only to me but to those that receive from His Generous Hand.

Secondly, I would be blessed and honored if you would feel led to support me financially as well. As you know it takes finances to do even Kingdom work. You may not be able to go to the Philippines, Venezuela, Ecuador or Paraguay for The King but with your help I will continue to go. To God Be the Glory for the Things He Will do though US.

Please use PayPal here on my Website as it will be the best way to get support to my Ministry.

The Lord God Bless you and all that concerns you, as we look forward to His Destiny for our lives.

Apostle Diana