Because He Lives I can face tomorrow,
Because He Lives all fear is gone,
Because I know He holds the future,
Life is worth the living just Because He Lives.
Hallelujah can you feel His Presence?

Stop for a moment and put your thoughts on Him How good He is to you, think about all of His Grace concerning you. Bask in His Love.

God Bless you and Yours as you lift up the concerns of our Living, Loving Father that His Kingdom comes and His Will will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Thankful to speak His Holy Name in quiet or to the Nations.

Diana Radabaugh

In Moscow, Russia. The Saint Basile Cathedral. I was there in Moscow doing Crusades with Charles and Frances Hunter. I wish I could remember the date. What a amazing glorious time that was.

About six of us, on the Hunter’s team, were taken out on a small tour. This area is called Red Square where the church stands. We were allowed to go into the Church at the far right side was a gift shop. I bought a beautiful wooden hand carved thirteen inch statue of a Russian Maiden.

But before interring into the gift shop outside I was so amazed at the beauty and size of the Church I lingered behind, as the others went in. I stood admiring the beauty and strangeness of the building. looking closely at the Church.

Three men walked up right behind me, I turned around and smiled at them. The Lord said tell them about Me. I ask if they could speak English, one of the men said, “I do.” I noticed that the man in the middle was blind. My heart swelled with love and compassion.

The Lord gave me great favor. The men were intently listening as I was able to talk through the translator to them about Jesus and His Mission to save them.

The men said the prayer with me and they received Jesus as Savior and Lord. Hallelujah! then I turned my attention to the blind man telling him about Jesus Healing Virtues. He said yes, that he wanted to be healed. I prayed for the blind man according to Mark 16; And God opened his eyes.It was magnificent.God is so Glorious, He sent The Saving, Healing Jesus to these three men that morning on Red Square in front of Saint Basile Cathedral.

Just now I read about this Church on the pictures that you sent. It tells how Ivan the Terrible had this church built and then he had the architects eyes blinded so he could not make another church like The Saint Basile Cathedral.

Diana L. Radabaugh