Glory to God we are joyfully safely home

What a Glorious time Sandy and I had.

Being with the Filipinos is a wonderful pleasure. They love The Lord so much. They loved us so strongly. And they were very attentive to the preaching of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Power and Presence of The Lord was so tangible. Many were touched with His Miracles. We laughed and cried we sang and rejoiced with Him.

The last service Sunday Morning was a Celebration. After I preach the message and the altar call was given, after many were prayed for by Sandy and I.

I have always noticed when you pray for the people in the Philippines rather then them going out in the Spirit they stand perfectly still with their eyes closed for maybe ten to fifteen minutes. I think absorbing The Lord’s Glorious Presence.

The Lord had told me to take the big bag of glitter before I left, not knowing why I just took it. Now He told me to celebrated Jesus with pieces of different colors of Glitter sprinkling on each head, It was announced over each one Celebrate Jesus! It was a really joyful exciting time. Everyone was captivated by the Anointing and the beauty.

Thank you for all your prayers and your priceless faith. I Love And Bless you each one. Your prayers and faithfulness just mean everything to both Sandy and I. THANK YOU.

Apostle Diana Ministering “The Rain of Glory”

We were to have our Crusade at Purok Ramimg Basketball Court. Which would not have held all the people that came at all. The people would have had to stand. But it Rained very, very hard, When we think we are defeated, Father God says, ” have Faith,” The school next door miraculously let us have the Crusade under a very large covered roof and supplied all of the folding chairs. It was breath taking listening to the Thunder, Hearing the pitter patter of the fallin’ Rain on the tin roof. He certainly did send His Rain of Glory. Oh what a night. We felt His Arm Gently holding us, giving us the Manifestation of His Miracles, Signs and Wonders, against the back drop of His Glorious Nature of Thunder, Lighting and Rain.

Myself, Pastor Winnie, Apostle Sammy and Sandy”
Sandy under one of the striking Palm Trees in the Philippines”

It rained hard at our Friday night Crusade. We were to have our meeting in a basket ball court. It would have never held all the people that came. Because of the very hard rain we were able to meet in a wonderful school athletic open yet roofed building. It was perfect. God showed us a different awesome plan. Oh what amazing time with The Lord!