It was a whirlwind in the Glory.

From the moment Kat Kerr took to the platform until she left. Everyone was amazed and awe struck at the revelation knowledge that she gave forth.

She came to Because Ministry Center to a full house for three sessions, and a Television Interview. Amazing I have never seen or heard so much freedom, joy and hope, never, as we heard from Kat Kerr the Revelator.

The reports she has about Heaven. You were transfixed hearing about everything. How Jesus loves, loves, loves flowers, sweets and laughter.That He has a great sense of Humor.He adores people and children are very special to Him

Prophesy is: The Huge Roller Coaster, The Rush! The different places. Full time places to go visit or to live in. In your amazing mansions Winter, Springtime, Fall or Summer. The different transport around Heaven. An exciting busy, bustling place.

The Hall of Knowledge. The shopping where everything is free. The people love to give gifts there, they are happy, giving, loving people in Heaven. The Portals of Heaven that is spoken of in Hebrews.. How our loved ones that have moved to Heaven all stand around the Portal and sing Happy Birthday to us on our Birthday.

Hearing about her seeing Moses, John The Baptist, The Drama King of Heaven, The Holy Spirit, John Wayne, Whitney Houston. So many more. It went beyond exciting to hear all the reports. The Movie Theatres.

Father said in His Word that He would be pouring out of His Spirit in the last days. These are those days. And since the beginning of time The Lord God has chosen normal every day people to do great deeds for Him. He has called Kat Kerr to be a reporter about Heaven.

She has visited Heaven for fifteen years. God told her to tell the people “That Heaven is Real, and it is Fun!” She tells us very well, very anointed.