“Dear Apostle Diana,
Wow, I read your web site, very inspiring and I am so thankful for the divine connection. I’m so happy how God uses you to the Nations.

I know that it is God who leads you here and encouraged the brethren in the Lord and winning souls for His Kingdom.
Our honor of having you as part of what we are doing here and being somebody in our hearts,we love you so much Apostle Diana. WE are praying that you could come again with your team.

By the way you just sent me one hundred dollars and have not designated to where it’s to be used. Is this again for the rice in the mountain? Thank you so much.

Our love to you Brother Jerry, and Because He Lives Ministries

Apostle Sammy & Pastor Wenny
Philippines ”

Dear Apostle Diana

I am writing from a translator and hope it will be good.

I never imagine the fire that came out of your hands and your ministration, never imagined that there could be a woman so powerful in God, so full of love, anointing, and fire of God, hid a past so hard, so painful and so unfair.

And impresses me more. Even the fact that even if you spend by each blow, every pain, every humiliation, for each abuse… You were there to worship God, when many in our humanity are lost because of all the adversities that you lived in the past.

You know Diana you are large because the purpose of God in your life is great. God has changed beatings, abuse, lack, need and humiliation by his love, tenderness, anointing, blessing.You know Diana when I was ministered to I felt fire all over my body it was a supernatural feeling. You could feel God reaching down in His Presence and His Power…

Your past taught me to appreciate more the beings who love me to receive each caress of my mother and my father and pray for them every minute of my life, you are a very special being, I thank God for your presence, for allowing me to meet someone as you,your so special and full of the Glory of God,

I hope to see you soon and let me interceed for you. You’re a big target and that Word of your father telling you that you would never amount to nothing.Today I can say that you serve for much. And that you’ll still so supernaturally,humble of heart and a faithful servant of Christ we love in you in Venezuela and I love you in the love of Christ, Diana your friend small Sheila hope you remember my kisses and thousand blessings I love you.



This is Pastor Juan Funes I am writing to convey how grateful we are to have received the Prophet Diana Radabaugh in our Congregation, the Precious Presence of God was moving and was felt in every word, every teaching and every healing that took place during her stay in our city.

We recommend Apostle Diana as minister of The Lord wherever she goes. We hope that the Presence of God will never leave her.

We recognize that God has raised her up to bring the good news of Salvation and Healing to the world. From Argentina province of LaPampa city of General Pico, we send many blessings to all who make up the ministry and we thank them for giving us the blessing of having met Diana, she became a part of our hearts thank Jesus for her.

One of the many Healing’s that The Lord Jesus did through her was in a woman of 25 years old, she had open wounds on her entire head, and each wound oozed. Her hair was falling out.

While we were at the meeting without having come forward and have stated her problems, she began to feel that each wound was healed through prayer from the Pulpit from Apostle Diana. The Lady felt a burning on her head and then touched her head and the wounds were no longer there, completely gone. Thank You Jesus! For this is so great that You are Lord.

I want to share this passage with you:
Psalm 16: 7 I bless the Lord who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me … 11 You show me the path of life: in Thy Presence is fullness of joy at Thy Right Hand.

Many blessings to all sincerely.
Pastor Juan Ezequiel Funes
Pentecostal Evangelical Union Church
General Pico, LaPampa Argentina

We are the Pastors John and Veronica Funes, the apostle Diana was in our city, General Pico La Pampa, Argentina in the month of August 2011. Truly we live glory days! During those days, the manifestation of the Spirit was so great that we could breathe His Fragrance.

The same Spirit we felt while we Worshiped was The same Spirit that remained throughout the preaching and Ministry time when the Altar was filled with people to receive from The Lord through Apostle Diana.

The result was supernatural, many people came to Christ’s feet and gave Him their hearts, others were Healed. Even after nearly two months we are still reaping testimonies.

What most impressed us was how the Lord worked Miracles. And you could see with your own eyes as the peoples faces were changed, they came for prayer with faces filled with suffering and when they received their healing instantly their faces were glowing with the miracle, they could smile, the pain was gone!

On the final night a Mother brought a baby who had a malformation in his gallbladder. After she prayed for the baby the doctors confirmed that everything is perfect. His comment was,” you will have a normal life because what was crooked is not.

Glory to God!

Let me share an experience that marked my life, I am Pastor Veronica and 10 years ago my dad left this earth to live with God. But while he was on earth he had a form of ministry and it was through The Word, Bible in hand he would tell me what God’s Word said on a particular subject.

One day telling me that I was a certain type of person described in God’s Word. Diana called me over to show what The Word said.She did exactly like my Dad would have, and did do when he was here on Earth. The Lord God had her ministered to me in the same way.We could not speak for the language difference, but Diana ministered Bible in hand. It brought to me much comfort and joy.
Thank you Jesus!

Dearly Beloved Body of Christ,

I am excited to share testimony and give a ministerial recommendation for Apostle Diana Radabaugh. Diana was recently in Bogota, Colombia where her ministry was a great blessing during a series of meetings in different churches. God not only used her to speak prophetically into the lives of the saints, but also used her to heal the sick, cast out devils and demonstrate miracles.

The Rain of God’s Glory was definitely there to receive whatever one needed from the precious Holy Spirit and His Wonderful Presence brought refreshing to all who needed “Him.”

Many were saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit, all to the Glory of God. Diana brought consolation to the saints,as she shared and demonstrated the love of the Father, Son and Holy Sprit. She also stirred up the body to win the precious ones who do not yet know Jesus. Her love and compassion were a reflection of the God she serves so well. The new and “unchurched” received easily, as Diana shared in a way anyone could understand. All in all, I believe the sum of the meetings were outstanding and very fruitful all to the Glory of God.

If you need any further information, please feel free to communicate with me by e-mail:slmckincol@yahoo.com

In His Love,
Sandy McKendree
(Missionary to Colombia, South America)
June 20, 2011

Dear Leaders and Body of Christ:

We would like to recommend the ministry of Apostle Diana Radabaugh as being very special.

Our congregation was greatly blessed, not only for the manifestations of the Miracles. But also for the teaching and the Power and Presence of God on her life.

Her sweet spirit permitted the manifestation of God’s Love in a very tangible way. The Glory of God manifested in a different way than to which we have been accustomed, with a Presence so sweet that everyone who attended was touched and ministered to.

God confirmed to us as Pastors what He has for our local Church.

Apostle Diana was a blessing and we hope to have her again next year.

Pastors Camilo and Maritza Bedoya
Iglesia Semillas De Vida
Bogota, Columbia
June 21, 2011