Hi Apostle,
It isn’t just this person that feels this way …many feel this way. What people are experiencing at “Because He Lives” is the anointing of the Holy Spirit that rests upon you as the Apostle of the ministry … ….the The anointing flows from the head. The Holy Spirit is free to do what he wants……you have made that a priority in the house. He is welcome and adored!

Blessings and Love
November 21, 2013

Because He Lives which is Apostle Diana Radabaugh’s church… I had no idea where it was, or how nice it was..what a beautiful church…It is now, being rented by The Ol’ Rugged Fellowship Church Inc. Apostle Diana you have to be so proud to be there, and I know your proud to leave it with such a wonderful and loving group … but I did miss you! I your Elkhart friend…who has not forgotten you~; you have clearly left an impression on this region, and upon my life~ blessings upon you~with many more travels ahead I pray, and good health.

Janice Braun
November 19, 2013

Debra and I were spoken to by The Lord to pray for this Precious lovely young lady. Her left arm had been pinned by the Earthquake. Her flesh looked like it had been burned. Her pain was intense as she tried to lift her arm. She cried and wailed as she would try to lift it up. Seeing her that way cause anger to the enemy and compassion of The Lord Jesus in both Debra and I.

Debra and I prayed for probably 15 minutes. We would not let go and believed. Debra said “The Lord is telling me to hold her.”

So she did seems like five minutes or so. It was love that melted unbelief and pain.

With every prayer the huge knot in her arm got smaller and smaller. The knot felt like cement it was five or six inches long and three inches wide. After we would command and pray she would take her hand and grabbed mine and put it on the wound to show me it had sunk.

I felt like The Lord said” Now!” And then right then, there was a spiritual wind that blew gently and softly.The Lord said” Now her fear is gone” and I looked up at her face instantly it changed right before my eyes her appearance completely changed from a darkness into light she glowed and she lifted both arms in the air rejoicing! Praising God Thanking Jesus for His Miraculous Glorious Miracle! She was free she was Healed. All Glory to God!!!

Reported By A Child and Heir of Salvation
On the Field at Mission Haiti
April 25, 2010

Diana Radabaugh

Actually Diana, you Will believe it!! Saturday night when you called out to everyone to “Say a prayer. Ask God for anything! He will do it and quickly…within 2 DAYS!! I asked for my 3 children to come home. On Monday, (2 days from Saturday) my husband brought home my 2 children that were living with him and his mother.

It was a miracle!! Last night my 16 year old son rededicated his life to Jesus at our church men’s meeting and my 13 year old was prayed over by my Pastor and all the men there. Pastor told them to pray for her like she was their very own daughter. My son that was with me that night had just started praying for them as well. I didn’t even tell him what I had prayed when you called that out

I loved hearing your stories of miracles and faith. I have told your cats stories several times. I love your angel stories too. I would love to hear more stories. My children were so blessed from everything this weekend.

Thank you so much for being obedient to Christ and the Holy Spirit.

I love you.
God bless you.
Tammie 🙂

I went to Diana Radabaugh’s meeting The Rain of Glory because of the wonderful experience I had at her last year’s meeting. This time I went expecting to experience more. The title of her meeting was ” Dance In The Storm.”

The first night satan used traffic and directions as “an attempt” to not make it to her meeting. When I got there Diana laid hands on me for a refreshing of my spirit which I so needed. I had never been rained on with gold glitter!

I fell under the power of The Holy Spirit! That’s what I call a refreshing! I could hardly wait until the next day. God opened my eyes to christianity returning to it’s Jewish roots from a powerful message from Judah Myers.

After Juda’s morning session a God sent message on the importance of speaking in tongues from Martin Fadden followed in the afternoon session. All doubts and fears left and I have been speaking in tongues freely.

After much praise and worship, Diana said that The Lord was saying to tell us that you can ask anything from Him and He will grant it. He was so please with our worship and oneness in His Spirit. I asked for 4 things. A Jewish prophet was there,(I hope I can say his name because I will never forget it) Mike Soloman.

He said he had a word for me from the Lord. Imagine a Jew! I got so excited! How did he know I was struggling financially? How did he know I had a house problem I had been struggling with? How did he know I was having car problems? God is so good!

God said, He is going to take care of these situations from His riches in Glory! I can honestly say that God started working the very next day. All 4 things are already in progress!

That put my faith and trust at a level I had never had before. I know who I am in Christ! I know what I am to Christ. Not only was going to Diana’s meeting spirit filled, not only were the meetings powerful, but I made new friends.

Bless you Diana for being obedient to God whether there are hundreds of people at your meetings or just a handful. God WILL be there. Bless you my friend!

Ann Barrientos

Dear Diana,

Being in the canopy of fire meeting was a supernatural experience. Even though we know that God’s presence is with us at all times, there was an expectancy to be under the veil of fire.

It was like entering the Holy of Holies and being in the presence of our most precious Father to be overcome by His Glory and His power. Even though there were others around, I felt like I was in His presence by myself. To be washed in His love as wave after wave of His love and power flowed.



I just want to say thank you for bringing the “Dance in the Storm” Conference to Houston. The message was timely and the Anointing you carry really touches lives. The Fire Canopy was especially refreshing and empowering. I know that this Anointng will carry all who participated through every storm.

I will Dance in the Storm. Thank you for being so sensitive to the leading of The Holy Spirit.

Alice R. Sumner


Yes the fire canopy was so glorious! I was touched by the Holy Spirit when you put the canopy on me, I couldnt stop crying, I felt God’s love so strong. It was awesome!!!

Thank you, woman of God!! you are a great blessing for us. God uses you amazingly. Bryan andI were so blessed to be part of your annointed meetings. You are annointed Diana!!! We love you and we keep on praying for you and your ministry. You are so full of faith, Bryan really admires you for your faith. He said being around you and heard your words make his faith stronger! We thank God for knowing you Diana. We love you!!!!!

God bless you!!!
Rossa & Bryan Autrey

Dear Diana:

The last time you were in Houston at The Rain of Glory Conference I asked you to pray for me to be healed of urinary incontinence. (I am 65.) I used to have to go to the bathroom every two hours, almost like clockwork, and would also have almost daily accidents when I didn’t get to the restroom on time. Since you prayed for me, I haven’t had any further problems. I can now sit through long church meetings without having to get up in the middle to head for the ladies’ room and have been able to travel by air without concern. This healing is especially important to me because God has been calling me back into the ministry, and I didn’t want to have to run for the restroom in the middle of my own services! It is OK with me if you share this testimony. I was embarrassed about it at the time I asked you to pray, but since I no longer have the problem, there’s nothing left to be embarrassed about!

With Love in Christ,
Margot Serlin

The Rain of Glory lived up to its expectations as well as its name this past weekend at the Sheraton North Houston Hotel at Bush Intercontinental Airport , April 25th and 26th. Evangelist Diana Radabaugh from Florida and her special guest speaker Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, MD, brought forth Powerful anointed messages.

Evangelist and teacher Diana’s message was inspiring as her belief and trust in the Lord confirmed her words. An ambiance, an atmosphere of peace was created with her message as her words ushered in The Holy Spirit. He stirred everyone on their inside so that a blanket of Glory could be received on all the those who attended.

“Every time we stand in the Glory we are changed a little more.” This is true.

The presentation of the Saturday morning Guest Speaker was from Rev. Phillip Goldfedder, a Jewish refired neurosurgical evangelist. The title of his message was, “What’s the Big Deal About the Guest Speaker?”

There were many, many Healings including those people that were delivered from tormenting spirits. One woman with a history of breast cancer and a recent positive pap smear was healed. Her follow-up biopsy was reported normal even though the doctors didn’t understand how that could happen.

Some of the testimonies included opening up of the ear canals with the return of normal hearing. This was demonstrated in two women. This occurred as well in a young girl who was anticipating surgery because of calcification of the bones in her ears. The Scoliosis was also resolved. Pain was released in many people with all sorts of burdens such as degenerative joint disease of the knees, rotator cuff injury of the shoulder, hand pain from arthritis, neck pain, etc. As the pain left, their joint movement returned to normal. A young woman with a hiatal hernia felt and heard a “pop” with her healing and later realized her low back pain also resolved.

A man with plantar warts was healed. A man was healed of hoarseness that occurred post operatively following a cancer procedure that damaged his laryngeal nerve.

Another man was healed through the cell phone of cancer of the liver brought to our attention by his wife. A woman with lymphedema that developed after surgery for breast cancer was healed with return of full range of motion of her upper extremity and resolution of the swelling and edema. A woman with neuritis and peripheral neuropathy of her legs was healed so that she could finally touch her legs without further pain.

Another woman was healed on the phone through a referral at the meeting of chronic intractable pain from “incurable” medical conditions including seven surgeries. Several people in the hotel were led to say the prayer of salvation and accept Jesus. A woman with chronic sciatica was healed of a herniated lumbar disc with resolution of her pain and return of strength in her foot. A man with residual of childhood polio was improved following the laying on of hands.

The meeting was beyond our expectations especially with the healing and deliverance power of The Almighty.

It truly was A Rain of God’s Glory. Evangelist Diana will bring this Powerful Anointing back into the Houston at the Marriott Bush Intercontinental Hotel, August 1&2 2008.
In Christ,
Phil Goldfedder

Because of The Rain in Glory, truthfully my husband and I will never be the same. We witnessed your ministry in February but this past weekend I experienced a love of Jesus that I have not experienced since the day I was saved.

Jesus met me where I was and then helped me ascend to a higher ground with Him and I now have an awareness of His presence expectancy of His presence when I wake and throughout the day. I talk with Him often just to let Him know that I love Him and look to Him for guidance at work and at home.

What can I say? … Amazed! Gloriously happy! Convicted! Humbled! Joy-filled! Cloud Nine, personified! … Oh, and Honored – deeply, immensely honored to have been in the Presence of the “King” – and of every one of those beautiful, Spirit-filled Fellow Christians & Friends –

But moving on from the initial immensity of being so utterly enjoined with the Holy Spirit of Almighty God – I rather think that I’m still ‘there’! … So, I’m not doing a whole lot of talking yet — more that I’m thinking about and pondering upon it “all”

This is an experience like none other … it really is!

On a personal level, I absolutely feel a tremendous sense of gratitude to you, for providing the opportunity for me to come to your “Rain of Glory” Conference there in Houston .

I’ll come back down to earth at some point in the not too distant future (won’t I)

Joyce Davidson
Antelope, California

The Rain Of Glory

As the Mother of Diana. My heart and soul was with every move she made. The Spirit of God was over her completely. And the joy that was on all of the people was breathtaking to see them go out in The Spirit. Then to see them rejoice when they found out that they were healed. It was beautiful.

I am very thankful for her. As I see her letting The Lord God use her. Praise God for the souls that will be in Heaven because she told them about Jesus’ Love for them.

Lillian Jacobs