Okinawa Japan 1945 he was borne one of eight German Sheppard Puppies in a war torn land. World War II was, raging on this Pacific Island.

Rookie was taken by a lonely Army Private. Something to love something to hold in this seemingly God forsaken confusion called War. Harl (Hack) William Lee was in the 193 Tank battalion. He took this little puppie and name him Rookie. From the beginning Harl knew Rookie was highly intelligent. Rookie learned tricks and would often bring moments of joy and light into a dark world, as on command he would do tricks for the guys.

From a baby Harl taught Rookie to stay silent in his duffle bag. Day after day he would train him. “ Quiet Rookie, lay perfectly still.” He had plans to survive the war and to bring Rookie back home with him to the USA. One rainy night in a fox hole held up with a few men that were in a battle surrounded by the enemy Rookie was at Harl’s side. He started growling fiercely looking up the dirty hole behind Harl’s head. Harl whirled around looked up just in time to stop a would be bullet aimed at him. Rookie saved his life. After that wherever Harl could go weather that was in the Tank in the field where ever there was a battle Rookie was there.

A few months later World War Two ended and Rookie and Dad were on their way back home. Perfectly quite motionless Rookie traveled back in a duffle bag on an airplane and became an American citizen. He would go on to the learn to ride on the back of a Indian Bike standing with his big paws on Harl’s back riding with them was baby Diana and Harl’s, wife Lillian. Everyone loved Rookie and he loved everyone, especially his master and friend Harl. And now they run together through the fields of Heaven all sorrow and mourning has fled away.

Because Jesus Lives and was welcomed into Harl’s heart, now he two lives forever.
October 23, 2014

I first met Jack when I was 18, he was 20. I thought he was the most beautiful man I’d ever seen. He asked me to go to a friend’s 4th of July party. I can still get goosebumps from that first soft kiss. Jack was in the Air Force. I was living with my family on the Air Force base in Northern California, where my father was also stationed. 7 months later Jack was sent to a remote assignment in Thailand for 13 months. Just before he was due home, I was hired at the best airline in the nation, which lasted 44 1/2 years.

Alcohol and Jealousy go hand in hand! The anger was constant. As soon as I walked in the door, I pretty we’ll knew what kind of a night I was going to have. There were many. I have to thank the wonderful Lord for always being there, always. I praise His holy name, because if it hadn’t been for Grace and His protection, I wouldn’t have been able to endure. It brought me so close to Jesus, I count all the pain and trials nothing compared to knowing Him. I’ve known Jesus my whole life……but learned to trust Him in all things, knowing He was well aware of my circumstances.

Jack suffered an Aneurysm in Feb.2004. He was in Intensive Care or 9 weeks, and a completely changed man. He wasn’t angry anymore. He was loving, caring , gentle, but the best of what happened, in July of that same year, Jack took Jesus into his heart. I had stood on the promise of Acts 16:31….believe on The Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved, you and you entire household.

13 months later Jack had a stroke. He’s a bit restricted, but still such a sweet man. Our very dear friend Diana Radabaugh came to Houston for some meetings not too long after his stroke, and again he gave his heart to Jesus. We are blessed. Thank you for listening.

September 26, 2014

Yesterday morning my wife and I grabbed coffee at a local coffee house downtown. As we were exiting in our car there passing in front of us, barely able to walk, were two homeless men. I see plenty of homeless people, and I was sort of in a rush to spend the day with my wife and son, but something about these two struck a chord.

I swallowed hard as a lump grew in my throat when I watched the one man in his weakened condition, make an effort to grab a smashed pop can lying in the busy four lane road. My wife looked at me as I quickly put the car in park and reached for my back pocket, I quickly called to the man. I’m still not sure how much I put in his hand among the wads of 5’s and 1’s but it was all the cash I had in my clip. As the man received it he smiled and told me “God bless you” as I told him be blessed I drove off.

This is the first time this has happened to me, as I looked into that mans rugged smile, face weather worn from a hard life, I saw the beautiful smiling face of my son. This man was not a bum, he was once rocked to sleep by his loving Father and cradled in the arms of a loving mother, kissed good morning and squeezed extra tight. And if he wasn’t than he should have been. And I heard the words of Jesus very clear, ” Father let the world know you love them, even as you love me.” With the same love we love our children let us love all people, God does.

Brandon Lee
September 26, 2014